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A. Bogie

Anna’s debut picture book series, Happy Hooves, was inspired when she lived in the top of a rustic farmhouse on the southern tip of Spain which had the most amazing far reaching views of rolling hills and the ocean. Farm animals would lazily potter about all day and it was from here that her stories came to life. Anna now lives in Gibraltar with her husband and two children but escapes to the rugged Spanish countryside whenever she can to inspire her. She also has the best name ever for being a children’s author!

Anna’s story…
“My married name is Bogie and, what is worse, my initial is A…it’s not the name that I used to scribble on the back of my school book surrounded by red hearts but it brings much amusement to my family and friends – and it is pretty damn good as the name for a children’s author!
I love writing for children and it has long been a dream, one that I never dared believe could be a reality. I am thrilled that lots of children can now enjoy my Happy Hooves series of which I am very proud.
Living in Gibraltar with my husband and two children means we can explore the gorgeous countryside of Andalucia and enjoy the beach life of Tarifa. The Happy Hooves series was inspired by a place where I used to live called La Peña, just outside Tarifa. It is absolutely beautiful and very rugged with animals roaming freely all over the hillside overlooking the Gibraltar Straits and Morocco – a truly amazing place!”

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