Here at the Den

Fat Fox is a new independent publishing company. We published our first beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated children’s picture books and fiction in 2014 and our growing list just keeps getting better.

Any child from anywhere, regardless of their background, should be given the opportunity to be enthralled by stories. Reading is the most exciting tool we possess, and stories create magic in the world around us. Fat Fox wants to bring the most inspiring, funny and dazzling books to a whole world of young readers and listeners and to install a lifelong love for reading.

Our books are aimed at 3-14 year olds and we are looking for new talent as well as established authors and illustrators.

Good to be independent

The advantage we have as a small independent publishing house is the quick response we can give to our authors and illustrators and so therefore an efficient publishing service from manuscript to children’s hands. We can have fun with all of the books we produce and maintain a high level of creativity which can be lost in big corporate publishing houses.

We pride ourselves on the attention we can give each book and so are confident in producing the very best from all of our authors and illustrators.

New technology

Fat Fox embraces new technology and recognises that stories in a digital and multimedia format are every bit as engaging as printed books, which is why we will be working towards producing reading Apps which promises to deliver enriching reading experiences alongside our traditional books. We will also keep an active presence on the social network – we want to reach as many people as possible to tell them about our fantastic books through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Giving back

We endeavour to work with children’s charities in making high quality books which will not only be glorious to read but will benefit children who need help globally. We published our first charity book raising money for BBC Children in Need written by 25 of the most famous faces in the UK. Look for The Curious Tale Of Fi-Rex on our website.


We are looking for books that appeal throughout the world. We want every one of our books to be a success in countries all around the globe and resonate with children and adults alike internationally.