Authors & Illustrators

Richard Morgan

Richard has been a professional illustrator for more than 20 years and spent his early life as an illustrator painting the backgrounds for Disney’s best loved cartoons.

Since then, Richard has written and illustrated dozens of books for children and his titles have been sold globally with translations in Spanish, French, Greek, Scandinavian, Korean, USA and Australian.

Richard’s Story…
“I was born and raised by trolls on the bleak Yorkshire Moors where they taught me to draw and paint by numbers. Ever since those early days with the giants I have worked as an illustrator. Then one afternoon I borrowed a boat from an owl and an angry pussy cat and sailed to New Zealand. On landing, and about to claim it for trolls everywhere, I was captured and imprisoned by Walt Disney’s dark empire and made to paint backgrounds for his TV studio. Some years later while learning to surf with local trolls I was rescued by an army of Albatross and flown home. While surfing in Devon I met and fell in love with a mermaid called Jayne and we married and have two little mermaids called Harriet and Isobel, who swim a lot. We now live in sunny Cambridge where I write and illustrate children’s books which sell all over the world , thanks to a little help from the global troll community.”

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